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Almost from the time of the first settlement in Bowness, the United Church has held services here.

The original church building (now known as Robinson Hall) was dedicated on November 3, 1946. As the Official Board and congregation reviewed the needs of the church in the waning months of 1955, they found the existing building bursting at the seams due to the tremendous growth of the community after World War II. A new addition, Lawrie Hall (named after Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lawrie who dedicated the land) was built and became our sanctuary. The original building continues to be used by the choir, as a meeting area and the location for the church library.

In April 1970 Bowness United and Montgomery United were amalgamated and brought together the rich traditions of their respective communities to form Foothills United Church.

Another chapter in our history was written in the spring of 1999. In April, a major expansion and renovation was undertaken - the sanctuary was enlarged, the kitchen and bathrooms were enlarged and modernized and a new upstairs meeting room (Wopnford Hall) was developed. The church offices were moved into the new addition and the area formerly occupied by the church offices was converted into a balcony overlooking the sanctuary.

On September 26, 1999, our refurbished building was consecrated and dedicated to the glory of God. Grateful for the legacy our ancestors in faith left us, we step into the new millennium with a sense of joy to meet the challenges that lie ahead.